Trainer - New hire training

Trainer - New hire training

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Curriculum content

  • TRAINER FAQ:  GETTING ORIENTED TO THE TRUCK TEAM MEMBER ONBOARDING PROGRAM What is the most effective approach to using the material? How long does the Training Program take? What are the materials in the new Truck Team Training Program? Where can I get the materials? What are the costs for the New Truck Team Training Materials? What is included in the Evaluation Pack? Explain the components of the Evaluation Pack. If our franchise has questions about how to implement this Program, who is the best person to contact?
    • Lesson Trainer - FAQ

  • MODULE 1: Welcome to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Welcome! The 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Story Core Values, EFAs & SFAs Painted Picture & WTF?! The history of your local franchise A Day in the Life Key Policies Uniform Standards & Appearance Policies Your Role & Responsibilities
  • MODULE 2: Operations Clean, Shiny Trucks Safety Priorities Local Operations PIPEline - TTM App Workflow Elements of the Price List
  • MODULE 3: Support Tools & Programs Junktion Sales Center Commercial Sales: NASA & Local Commercial Marketing Net Promoter Score Complaint Resolution System Mystery Shop
  • MODULE 4: Onsite Sales Sales & Engagement Training (SET) SET Activities No Contact Junk Removal Bedload & Hazardous Materials ACTIVITY: Situation-based Jobs
  • EVALUATION Final Exam In-Field Skills Assessment
  • Truck Team Training - Train the Trainer Video
  • This deck will provide guidance on how to train a new trainer.